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APPI Pilates Matwork Certification 

6th - 11th April 2024

APPI Equipment Certification Series

18th - 25th May 2024

The APPI Pilates Matwork Certification is open to anyone from any background.
This course offers an unparalleled level of content across its 6 days curriculum + 19 hours Online. You will learn over 100 Pilates exercises, all based on APPI’s unique approach to understanding movement and how to teach movement to clients of all levels of abilities. On completion of the course you will be fully equipped to teach group Pilates Matwork classes and 1:1 sessions from beginner exercises to advanced level exercises.

For those with any background with no Pilates experience.
You'll Learn

The APPI Pilates Matwork Certification course is one of the most in depth teacher training programs in the world. During the course, you will learn over 100 exercises, many exclusive to the APPI and its unique method. Importantly, you will not only learn the vast array of Pilates exercises but you will also learn these key components:

✔ Masterclasses by our degree level tutors on each and every day of your course

✔ In depth targeted anatomy and physiology lectures by our degree level tutors

✔ Exclusive to APPI, our surface anatomy module whereby you will learn to see, touch and analyse the anatomy on each other. These surface anatomy workshops are usually taught on Physiotherapy degree courses but are now part of the APPI’s Pilates Matwork Certification course.
Course schedule

The hybrid course was designed to allow students to complete the anatomy modules online in self-study, with all practical exercises being taught in-person at our studio. You will have a total of 6 studio days and 19 self-study hours. You will have immediate access to the online self-study, with the in-person days being attended as scheduled.

Intensive Hybrid – How your course is structured?


Pre Course Online Modules 1 (At Home Study)

14 hours pre-recorded online content
Theory: History of Pilates, The history and development of the APPI Method,
Practical and theory: The 5 key elements of Pilates Practice
Anatomy Theory: Joint planes of movement and joint movement review, The Spine, Hip and Pelvis, Knee, foot and ankle, Neck, shoulder and Upper Limb
Practical Surface Anatomy: The Spine, Hip and Pelvis, Knee, foot and ankle, Neck, shoulder and Upper Limb
Theory: Elements of teaching exercise and class set up, How to structure a Pilates Class, The role of the Pilates Teacher
Practical: Initial sessions and Postural Assessments


Course Online Modules 2 (At Home Study)

5 hours pre-recorded online content
Theory: Developing your Pilates Service, How to plan a class
Anatomy: Theory Slings and Slings revisited
Teaching Skills: The Art of Imagery
Practical: Visual Imagery


**All lessons in this module must be complete before In Studio Module


In Studio Module 1

3 x days in studio practical with APPI Presenter

Practical: Pilates Class
Practical: The Fundamental Movements
Review of Anatomy: Part 1-4
Theory: Elements of teaching exercise and class set up, The Pilates Teaching Script, The Client registration and experience, How to plan goals with the client: (Session time, frequency and requirements)
Practical: Beginner & Intermediate Pilates Exercises
Review: Postural Assessment and Initial sessions
Practical: Group Teaching Practice


In Studio Module 2

3 x days in studio practical with APPI Presenter

Practical: Pilates Class
Practical: Stretching Techniques
Review of Anatomy: Part 1-4
Practical: Intermediate & Advance Pilates Exercises
Practical: Warm Up, Cool Down, Standing and Seated Exercises
Review: Visual Imagery, Sequence and Exercise
Practical: Group Teaching Practice
Examination Preparation: Review of all exercises


APPI Matwork Certification Exam

Once you have completed all courses, as well as your certification logbook requirements you can sit the APPI Matwork Comprehensive Exam. Upon successful completion of APPI certification requirements, you will become an APPI Matwork Pilates certified instructor.

Further Information

Anyone without previous Pilates experience.

We recommend taking 10 Pilates classes before attending the course.

Our Presenter

Our presenters are industry-leading and extremely passionate clinicians who put their skills into practice every day with the general and special populations, with some working at our APPI clinics centres in London. They use the content that they teach you on a daily basis in their own working environments every single day with their own clients and in their own clinics. What they teach you on your course is being taught from daily practice and experience, not just in theory.

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